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Mobile SMS Spy: Your Snappy Way to Keep Updated!

A mobile SMS spy is a new and snappy way of knowing about your kids better. You can know about what are they up to these days easily and in stealth mode. This way you can assess a variety of things about your kids in addition to the key information if they are into something dangerous.


Not Monitoring SMS?

If you haven’t been keeping a close eye on your kid’s cell phone usage especially SMS, there are chances that you are missing out on a lot! Since SMS is a rather discreet mode of communication-your kid could even be texting to a drug dealer sitting right next to you and you might never know about it. There are other harmful things you need to know: kids are largely using SMS to indulge into wrong things like sexting, exchanging lewd pictures, etc. Also, all kinds of scammers are on the loose. They might get personal information and credit card details from your child under the guise of some trusted source. Various news articles have revealed that this trend is becoming common and kids often fall into this trap.

What Should You Do?

If you think that it’s your kid’s life and they deserve their privacy then you may forget about it all but if it does matter to you if your kids indulge in sexting, texting to harmful people or falling prey to the scammers, then you should think about seriously. One secure and fool-proof way to remotely monitor your kids’ phone and SMS is using mobile SMS spy apps. There are many apps that would serve the purpose but you may also consider getting the one that offers other handy features in addition to the SMS. This way you would be able to keep a better check on your kids.

What a Critic Would Suggest?

As a critic, I have a fairly good idea what an ideal mobile SMS spy app is like. And being a parent myself, I can very well understand what parents really want out of such an app! Usually, parents what something that is easy to use, don’t have complicated settings and something that is downright stealth! Budgetary restraints in another decisive factor while buying a mobile monitoring app. Keeping all these factors in mind, I usually suggest StealthGenie because it has got a rather positive feedback. StealthGenie has three packages and has whole lot of features that will make parenting seem like a piece of cake!

Monitoring SMS with StealthGenie:

With StealthGenie you can read all sent and received SMS along with details like name and number of receiver and date & time stamps. You can easily see what text message s your kids send and receive and this can give a clear idea about what your kids are up to these days. You can also set trigger alerts on any word and can get instant alerts as the word is used in any text.

Take care of kids in a way that won’t let your kids go rebellious! Let them have their way because you are there keeping an eye on each move they make. With StealthGenie, mobile SMS spy app will help you do that definitely!

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Parental Internet Controls: Get It Today And Rejoice In A Peaceful Tomorrow

The kids love everything about the internet and why not? Brimming with ideas, meeting new people and enjoying the fascinating experiences they seek, Internet is like an unexplored ocean; the more you explore, the deeper and huge it feels. The technology helps you explore new and exciting things happening around you…but this is just the good side of it…the other side of the pasture isn’t as greener as this looks.


Web also makes it easier to steal personal information such as hacking accounts, stealing social security numbers, credit card information and other financial data. And, kids are even more prone to getting caught in the Web of these stealers.

But one way to keep the situation under your control is by using parental internet controls. The only way you can keep your kids safe from adult content, sexual predators, stalkers and other cyber-crimes is by means of controlling their internet usage.

With kids relying more on their smartphones, internet accessibility becomes even more convenient for them. The only way you can keep a watch is by installing a kids monitoring application onto their phones. Use these applications to discover what they are viewing online and how are they taking advantage of this convenient tool and vice versa.

Monitoring Your Kid Online:

You can now easily access your kid’s web browsing history remotely. You can also view any bookmarked websites and check out the kind of content they are fond of viewing online. With this particular feature of checking internet browsing history, you can:

• Check how often do they visit a site.
• See if they are in terms with suspicious people.
• Check what personal details have they shared online.
• Look for any suspicious activity going on their social networks.
• See if they are viewing porn sites.
• Read their emails and get an idea of everything they are secretive about.

Although these parental monitoring applications with built-in internet parental controls give you an insight of their browsing activity, it also helps you see other phone activities such as calls, SMS, photos and even helps you track your kid’s location easily. Phoggi is a feasible and reliable option when it comes to child monitoring. You can a year’s subscription for only $64.99. That’s the only price you pay to save your kid’s present and rejoice in a peaceful future.
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Try and change the bad habits of your child; use a WhatsApp spying app

A WhatsApp messenger is all that people talk about nowadays. With the popularity of smartphones, now smartphone apps are becoming immensely popular day by day. With the help of a WhatsApp messenger, teenagers get to communicate with their friends through text messages and they can even share pictures and videos with them. Over usage of the WhatsApp messenger by children results in health issues for them due to which parents have reservations over its usage. A WhatsApp spying app StealthGenie helps parents keep the WhatsApp usage of their children under control.


Avoid any havoc:

Obviously if you tell someone that you are spying on their cell phone, they are not going to like it one single bit. So if you wish to avoid any havoc, then you need to keep an eye on their cell phone without letting them even find out about it. StealthGenie is one such app that lets parents keep an eye on the cell phone usage of their children without letting children find out about it. This app runs secretly inside the cell phone of your child without disrupting any of its features.

WhatsApp messaging and compatibility:

Parents get to see all the pictures, videos and audio files that are shared by their child through the WhatsApp messenger. Even all the text messages sent and received by children through the WhatsApp messenger are shown to parents by StealthGenie. This WhatsApp spying app works perfectly with all the latest BlackBerry, iPhone and Android smartphones.

Contact details and call records:

Each and every phone number stored in the cell phone of children is shown to parents by this spy app. Parents are shown complete records of every incoming, outgoing and missed calls of their children with the help of StealthGenie. These records even show you the exact time and the total duration of every call. You can even record any particular call if you want to.

Assisting parents:

It is obviously impossible to change the overall personality of a person but as a parent you can at least try and make your child change the bad habit of theirs. Excessive usage of the WhatsApp messenger results in eye-sight issues amongst teenagers which is not at all a good thing. A WhatsApp spying app StealthGenie assists the parents in controlling the excessive usage of the smartphone by their child.
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Ease Up Your Parenting Duty By Using A Parental Control Monitoring App

If you think your child is secretly on drugs or on any such thing that is unhealthy for them, then you should try to find out the truth. This would be good for your child if you, as a parent talk to them about what is right and what is wrong for them. Of course your child will never tell you whether they are using any drugs or not, so the best way to find out about it is to keep track of their communications with the help of a simple and reliable parental control monitoring app Phoggi.


Tough times:

Teenage is a really tough time and you must know about the activities of your child at all times. To make this tough situation slightly easy for you, I would recommend you to use a parental control monitoring app Phoggi. Phoggi covers really less space in your child’s cell phone and updates you with all the information related to their cell phone. This monitoring app runs quietly inside your child’s cell phone and does not let anyone know about its presence inside their phone.

Feasible handsets:

Phoggi works well with all the latest iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. iPhone models with iOS 4.0 or higher, BlackBerry models with OS 5.0 or higher and Android phones with OS 2.1 or higher are feasible handsets to be used alongside Phoggi.


To start your journey with Phoggi, you simply need access to the internet and your log-in details from Phoggi. Use those log-in details and gain access to all the data that is present inside the cell phone of your child. No feature of your child’s phone is disturbed during or after the installation process.

Phone data and contacts:

All the pictures, videos and audio files that are stored inside your child’s cell phone are shown to you by Phoggi. You are also provided details of all the contact numbers that are present inside your child’s cell phone.

Internet access:

Parents get to view the entire web browsing history of their child’s cell phone with the help of Phoggi. This even includes the pages bookmarked by your child.

A good decision made:

Parenting is not at all an easy job, but you can make it slightly less tough if you decide to use the help of a parental control monitoring app Phoggi. Honestly speaking, you won’t regret this decision of yours.
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Blow Away All Your Worries; Use The Services Of A Mobile Phone Spy Software

Teenagers demand attention. You might have noticed that your teenaged child would love to be the center of everyone’s attention at any cost. This attitude of teenagers is a pretty worrying one for parents and they need to provide proper attention to their kids to avoid any unpleasant results in future. As we all know that no teenager nowadays roams around without a mobile phone by their side, a mobile phone spy softwarecan help parents monitor the activities of their kids at all times.

How does StealthGenie work?

StealthGenie stays with your child for more time than their own shadow. Within a few minutes this mobile phone spy software is installed in your kid’s cell phone and provides you with complete access to all the data that is present inside their cell phone. Without disturbing any feature of your kid’s mobile phone, StealthGenie runs quietly inside it and does not let anyone discover about its existence inside their mobile phone.

Compatible Phones:

StealthGenie is compatible with cell phones from Samsung, LG, hTC, Motorola, Sony, Google, Huawei, Acer and other companies using Android operating systems 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 or 4.0. BlackBerry phones with OS 4.6 or higher as well as iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are suitable handsets to be used with StealthGenie.

SMS Messages:

Teenagers love SMS messaging. All they do all day is talking to their friends through SMS messages. With the help of StealthGenie, parents get to see all the communications that their children have made with anyone through SMS messaging. All the messages present in the Sent Box, Inbox and Drafts of your kid’s mobile phone are shown to you with the help of this mobile phone spy software.

Phone Data And Contact Numbers:

Each and every Audio file, Video file and picture stored in the cell phone of your child is shown to you by StealthGenie. Parents even get to view all the contact numbers saved in the cell phone of their children.

Easy To Use:
To start using StealthGenie, you must register for an account with them. Then you need to download this software in your kid’s cell phone. By now you would have received your log-in details. Use the help of those log-in details and gain access to the entire cell phone data of your child with real ease. This mobile phone spy software is really user-friendly and an easy to use software.
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